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So Needed, So Inexpensive, So Simple!


if your entire choir could read music!

What if the program cost only $25 - $35 ???
>> not per person >>not per year
$25 - $35 (per volume) - total! Forever!!

Pavane Publishing proudly announces the ADVANCE Series... A Cure for Musical Illiteracy by Ted Reid & Allan Robert Petker. Each volume includes a Director's Manual, a set of step-by-step Lessons, and a Duplication License valid for Life!

Volume I - Names (P5004 - $24.95
    focuses on the names of notes, shapes, flats etc. in 24 graded lessons.
Volume II - Rhythm (P5006 - $34.95)
    marches through note values, simple and complex meters etc. in 40 graded lessons.
Volume III - Intervals (P5008 - $34.95)
explains perfect and imperfect intervals, from diminished to augmented, in 25 lessons.

Each lesson also includes a side-bar full of interesting and entertaining anecdotes, analogies and quotes designed to encourage self-esteem and community support. Quizzes and Final Exams are available separately. At this price, why wouldn't every school and church own the ADVANCE SERIES?

To find out more about the ADVANCE SERIES, contact your favorite music store!

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